All kinds of people use Westside Cash Connection for all kinds of needs, but you should always ask yourself whether you can possibly wait for the cash. If there’s a chance you can, then Westside Cash Connection might not be right for you. There are also cheaper ways to access credit, but none as fast, convenient and flexible as Westside Cash Connection. We’re here to help you manage your cash flow when you can’t wait for some money that you know is coming your way soon.
We offer a solution for occasional, urgent and short-term cash needs and our loans are not designed as a continual source of credit or for dealing with existing financial problems. If you’re worried that you’re sinking into a bad debt situation, please don’t apply. Our loan will only add to your existing commitments because it needs to be paid back within a month. Instead, you should visit the National Credit Regulator for a list of all debt counselors registered by the NCR; alternatively, you can call us.